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Suspects is a gripping detective game where you need to show your deductive skills and figure out which one of the mansion residents is the killer. The roles are assigned randomly at the beginning of the match. If you are the killer, then you need to murder every other player before they reveal your identity or cope with all the tasks given to them at the start! Are you ready to begin?

Welcome to Mystery Mansion!

Each match in Suspects includes 9 players. And all of them are real people, no bots. That means you have to deal with the flexible human mind rather than the AI with its predefined algorithms which makes the whole process even more unpredictable and interesting. As a rule, there is just one killer, but sometimes there can be two of them. None of the peaceful guests can see who they are, but they can identify each other by the red color of their nicknames. When there are two murderers, they can cooperate and work together to achieve their goal faster.

The map is shown from above. You see your character, as well as the rest, moving around the mansion. Every hero has a light radar of a certain scope illuminating the path in front of them. This parameter can be improved as you level up completing tasks. Tasks are given at the very beginning of the game, you can see them in the box at the top of the screen. When you complete one, it’s ticked off so that you can monitor your progress. These assignments can be rather different, from collecting a certain number of objects to fixing the plumbing. Some of them will also be connected with the investigation – for instance, you can be asked to search for evidence in a certain room or get fingerprints off a certain item. Not that it will bring you closer to discovering the personality of the killer, but you will gain points and coins that can be spent on buying various cool accessories for your character. The characters are different animals and you can choose any to your liking.

Can you tell who the killer is?

Whenever there is a dead body found somewhere in the mansion, the player who discovered it reports it to the rest and there is a voting where everyone discusses their suspicions and decides who the murderer might be. The person who seems most suitable for this role is voted out of the house. But in practice, players rarely make the right guess at the first shot. Chances are high that you will throw out an innocent person thus improving the odds for the killer.

By the way, the killer can perform various interesting tasks too! For instance, they can install bombs in different rooms (everyone who is inside when they explode will die) or get an assignment to deal with a specific character. There is also a mode where you can’t vote and the killers are seen at once, so you only have to run away from them. Play Suspects: Murder Mansion with your friends online and have fun!

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