Suspects Mystery Mansion

Would you like to spend the weekend in a real old mansion? Just imagine – a luxurious house, a well-groomed garden, beautiful statues and fountains, chic furniture and antique decor inside… You will sleep on a huge soft bed and stroll through exquisitely furnished galleries, eat at a carved table with silver dishes and listen to a polished gramophone…

But not everything is as cloudless as it seems. Something mysterious and disturbing is happening in this house. From time to time, corpses are found at different ends of it, and no one knows how these people died. Perhaps these were just accidents, because it is easy to fall from such high stairs and balconies and break your neck. But all this looks suspicious, because deaths follow one after another. In the end, the tenants of the mansion decided that a killer has wound up in their circle. But who could it be? Everyone looks so sweet and friendly. Is there a way to find out who is behind all these gruesome murders?

To do this, you have to be very careful and closely monitor other players. Some of them are not who they claim to be! Perhaps you will notice suspicious behavior and then you can share your concerns with other participants. But keep in mind that right now you can talk to the killer and not even know about it! Therefore, be careful and don’t trust anyone! And most importantly, don’t turn your back to anyone, because that’s where you can be stabbed at any moment…

The gloomy, mysterious ambience of the mansion also contributes to the escalation of the atmosphere. The building is poorly lit, with twilight in the corners. It seems that this is where the killer is lurking, and it’s scary to walk through particularly dark corridors. Sometimes it’s hard to keep from jumping up in your chair when you’re doing something — for example, cleaning the fireplace — and suddenly you hear a thunderclap.

And there will be many such tasks in the game – after all, everything you’re doing in the game can’t be just thinking about who could be the killer. Such a large house needs to be kept in order, so be prepared for the fact that you will be given small quests from time to time. The main thing is to keep your ears open and not be caught off guard while performing them! Colorful graphics, intriguing gameplay and atmospheric setting won’t let you tear yourself away from the screen even for a moment! Play Suspect: Mystery Mansion right now and see if you can guess who the killer is!

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11 Stars
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