Suspects Roblox

Many of the popular games available online have already been ported to Roblox, and Suspects is no exception. In this version of the new hot detective, you’ll be able to once again investigate mysterious murders taking place in the notorious mansion, only this time everything will be set in a signature cubic style! The characters, the setting, the items – all of the elements have the very pixel design that immediately tells us we’re in the Roblox world!

The gameplay is the same as in the original. You become one of the guests in a huge mansion, where a murder recently happened, and now a whole team of players must find out who the criminal is (or even criminals, depending on the number of the participants). To do this, you need to quickly move through the large rooms, completing various tasks and collecting puzzle pieces in order to answer the main question.

In each new mission you will find exciting tasks for a real detective. If you have the role of the killer, you will need to install dynamite or quietly deal with individual players. Take part in the voting with an active chat, where important decisions are made to deactivate suspects. That won’t be easy, because every participant will have their own logic and method of play. But nevertheless you must proceed strictly in line with the assignment and solve a high-profile crime or deal with all the guests until they understand who is involved in all the murders!

If the killer is found, the guests win. If there is only one of them left at the end of the last voting, the killer becomes the winner. They can also use other, more cunning and complicated methods of handling their victims. For instance, explode part of the mansion and everyone who failed to leave it in time will die. Anyway, it’s going to be a fun and thrilling experience! Invite your friends and family, team up with random players and enjoy Suspects Roblox online!

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