Suspects 3

Can you see behind the masks and determine the hidden motifs of people even if they are desperately trying to conceal them? Do you have good intuition that can point you in the direction of the killer? And finally, can you convince the others that this very person is actually a heartless murderer no matter how sweet and innocent they may look? You’ll need all these skills in the newest version of a popular detective game called Suspects 3!

Although it appeared in the web just recently, the game has already become a real hit. You may find similarities to another project of the sort called Among Us. Indeed, the two games are very alike in their concept and gameplay. In both, one of the players receives the role of the murderer, but the rest don’t know who it is. Everyone starts out on the same footing, and you have to apply all of your deductive skills to figure out who might really be the culprit.

The killer will be doing their gruesome job in dark corners and far-off rooms. Another vote won’t take place until the corpse is found, so it’s better if it lies somewhere in a hard-to-reach place as long as possible. Once somebody stumbles upon it, all the players will gather for a discussion. As a result, they will vote against the most suspicious resident of the mansion and he or she will be executed.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will make the right choice. But if you execute an innocent person (which happens quite a lot in this game), you will just do part of the murderer’s work. They will have less people to kill and the number of peaceful residents will diminish. So try to think straight, don’t get carried away by your emotions and avoid bitter mistakes. Your life, as well as the lives of everyone else in this damned mansion, depend on it!

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