Zooba is an exciting fighting game. But these are not usual battles as their main characters are animals, and all events take place in the zoo. At the start, you will have a certain number of animals to choose from. The range of characters is impressive – you can instantly become a tricky chameleon or a scary gorilla. And the selection of characters is being increased as you progress to the next levels. Every animal you see has special powers that it can use to beat off the opponents. Besides, you will have access to various weapons to strengthen your position. You will have to fight for your life every minute, and tons of enemies will be trying to nullify your progress at any cost. To survive in this crazy environment, you will have to attack and use weapons in each scene. From time to time, you will find various bonuses and gift chests, which contain coins, gems, weapons, and even new characters. The game is absolutely free, but you can use virtual currency to buy additional features. The main task of the game is to defeat everyone around and become the only animal that survived in the zoo.
The control system is very simple. You need to click on the left side of the screen to navigate using the joystick. And to activate each attack, use the buttons on the right. You will surely enjoy this action game with colorful and advanced graphics. You play alone or with your friends. You can even play in a company and develop a unique strategy to defeat your enemies in a multiplayer mode.

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21 Stars
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