Are you ready to play the role of a detective? In this game you will be investigating a series of murders taking place at an old mansion. However, there will be one catch complicated the matter – you will also be a potential victim! Suspects: Mystery Mansion starts when 9 players arrive at a mansion where they will be living and completing various tasks for some time. One of them randomly gets the role of the killer and must finish off everyone without being found out. The goal of the other participants, respectively, is to figure out who it is before he or she deals with every single one of them. Sounds intriguing? Then let’s start playing!

The game has a very peculiar art style and you will definitely enjoy your stay at this atmospheric building. The feeling of suspense will follow you all the way, intensified by the gloomy furnishings of the house and blood-chilling sound effects. All the characters are represented as different animals. You can choose any, but make sure not to judge the other players by their appearance. A fierce-looking shark may appear to be an innocent guy while a cute sheep with big scared eyes may well turn out to be the murderer. You should look at the behavior of the players, not what they seem to be on the outside!

There is a chat in the game where you can discuss everything that happens and express your suspicions. It can be done both by text and by voice. The latter option is very convenient since you don’t have to waste your time typing and the process of communication happens much faster. This is especially handy when you need to tell something fast or send an urgent message to the rest of the residents.

Until the moment you identify the personality of the killer, the game will continue. And every mistake you make give him or her yet another chance to go on with their bloody plan. You never know when your turn is going to come, so you have to be very careful, especially while performing the quests that are given to the manor guests time and again. After all, it’s so easy to catch someone off guard when they are busy doing something and don’t pay attention to what is happening around them! So you have to keep one eye on your work and the other on your surroundings at all times. Otherwise you’re putting yourself in danger! Hopefully, you’ll find the killer, save the rest of the players and will be able to avoid brutal death!

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8 Stars
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