Zooba Characters

Meet a funny and colorful game in the battle style with all events taking place in the zoo. The main characters of the game are animal that have their own features and various powers to eliminate competitors. You will have to choose one from the dozens of animals in the zoo and play for it. The selection of characters is constantly being updated. The main goal is to stay alive. To fight your opponents, you can use a variety of weapons – from spears and bows to shotguns and pistols. Besides, you will find a lot of bonuses and gift boxes on your way to receive some points. These can be used to purchase additional weapons and features.
Every minute of the gameplay is full of fierce shooting and fighting. Your enemies are watching you from every corner, trying to destroy your progress. By pressing a button in the upper part of the screen, you can always check how many scary opponents are hiding around you and take relevant actions. Sometimes, you can rest for a moment by taking shelter in the bushes.
The game is especially exciting in multiplayer mode. You form big clans with your friends and develop an exclusive fighting strategy. Remember that your main task is to become the only survived animal in this crazy zoo.

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